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Wanha Raatesalmi - protected country heritage


Situated only 30 minutes’ drive from Ruka ski resort, lies our farm Wanha Raatesalmi (Old Raatesalmi). We welcome you to our unique and protected historical location on the lakeside with scenic landscapes. We are located in the heart of Kuusamo’s highland wilderness and middle of famous big lakes of Kuusamo. The area around our farm surrounded by beautiful arctic forest wilderness, where you have a good chance to see wild animals e.g. reindeers.

Our activities include trail riding with Icelandic horses, cross-country skiing and more.

Since the beginning of our activities, we have been striving to combine pleasure, comfort and adventure. It is important to us to respect and protect nature in all our endeavors. We emphasize personal service, safety and an environmentally friendly operation.


Experience the silence and beauty of nature with the beautiful Icelandic horses


Our riding tours take us through scenic landscapes in the heart of Kuusamo’s wilderness. The area around our farm is ideal for horseback riding. We are surrounded by beautiful arctic forest wilderness and we have good chance to see wild animals e.g. reindeers,. In our tours you’ll experience Finland’s nature at its best. Our trails go through typical Nordic pine and spruce forests and small paths will lead us to remote lakes, swamps, hills and forest fields.

Our riding tours range from one or two hours to full one day trips to suit riders of all ages and abilities.

You can read more of our tours on this link!

Wonderful lake side accommodation

Lomatalo Raatteenranta

In our Old Raatesalmi farm you can relax in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Enjoy fine accommodation in our beautiful newly renovated country style Villa Raatteenranta, which accommodate 12 guests in 2 person rooms and with extra beds up to 18 guests. Bath in our lake side saunas and take a refreshing swim in the Kuusamojärvi –lake. You can read more information on  this link.